Happy Monday

Friends, I hope your weekend was lovely.

I had great expectations for this post, but my weekend didn’t exactly go as planned. My husband went backpacking for two days, and I was dreaming of a weekend filled with quiet and relaxation. My pups had different things in mind, like playing the canine equivalent of musical chairs in bed (and all night long) every time I nodded off to sleep.

So here I am, with two sleepless nights behind me, and I’m miserable. And crazy. At least I got to do things like watch crap TV and skip all that leg shaving, and without judgement. Now that my mate is home I’m friends with the razor again and putting up with all his eye rolling when I’m watching The Real Housewives Of Whatever.

I do have some cool news. I got a beautiful new Nikon camera that arrived last week, and I started using it this weekend. I have so much to learn with this thing, it’s ridiculous, and so far I have played it safe taking photos of flowers and other easy stuff. I also took lots of photos of the kids, though Grace just isn’t sure about being Mommy’s muse, and Jack flat out hates it. My daughter will come around. As for my son, I hope this is something he gets over soon, because I just can’t get enough of these two.

Look at them. Who can blame me?

Bue nosed pit bull

Rat Terrier

My plan is to be back before week’s end with some worthwhile things to say, and get some solid rest between now and then.

I wish you a fantastic week.

Loaded with all the things that bring joy and light into your world.

Ode To Joy

I spent most of my weekend agonizing over words that wouldn’t come.

I want to write about something beautiful, to regale all of you with an exciting story.

Now here I am, starting the week, struggling to come up with something to say.  I want so badly to catch fire.  But my tired body and equally tired mind just aren’t having it.  When I get like this, it has a way of making me feel a little sad.

This is when I need to talk myself off the ledge, because sometimes it is simply too hard to seize the day.  I need to remember that joy isn’t about taking on the world.  It is about love and the most beautiful things imaginable, the things you can never put a price on, and how they are right in front of me.

Like this:

And this:

Joy isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.  We each have our own unique definition of it.  And this is what it looks like to me.

Two pups who think I’m the best mommy ever.

And knowing I have this day.

Another day of life.

Another chance to get it right.

In the end I got to write about something beautiful after all.

Have an amazing week everyone.


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