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Last week, when I heard Davy Jones had passed away at the young age of 66, I went straight to my CD player.  I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to listen to “Daydream Believer”.  And while the news of his death made me sad, all I could do was smile, hearing that sunny song fill the room.

Lately, I feel like smiling more and more.  I am starting to have a different outlook on my life.   I suppose I have implemented my own little happiness project without even realizing it.    And it feels good.  I don’t know how or when it started.  It just did, and that’s the important thing. Maybe it is growing a little older and a bit wiser.  And my father’s passing reminds me every day to make the most of what time I have left.  Regardless, there is a randomness and mystery to my new path.   And that is why I trust it.

Negative emotions have never made any situation better.  Anger, hostility, sadness; none of it feels good.  Granted, we can’t escape them.   With the positive comes the negative.  We can’t have one without the other.   Without the pain, we would never know how great it feels to be happy.

The trick is to have the good outweigh the bad.  I know, easier said than done.  But sometimes all it takes is putting some of the negative to the side.  Then the positive can shine through all on its own.Green lights

In the thirty something years I have spent on this planet, in this life, I know I have spent entirely too much of it being angry and sad.  Angry at my husband, usually over stupid stuff.  Sad about things that happened over the years in my family.  Pissed at myself.  For not being thin enough.  Smart enough.  Charismatic enough.  Rich enough.  Healthy enough.

Well, enough.

When I started to set aside the anger and sadness, only then did any measure of healing begin to take place in my life.  Happiness then had its chance to settle in and find a home.  And I know when I am happy, I am an active participant in my life.


I notice more.  Like watching my doggies get crazy happy over the simplest things.  My Gracie can find a rock in the backyard to play with, and she will strut triumphantly into the house with her treasure.  My Jack is never more content than when he has his blue blankie to snuggle in.  And both of them get wiggly and bounce all over the furniture when the leashes come out.  The simple pleasure of going outside for a walk is enough to make their day.  Wow.  Rocks, leashes, and a blue blanket.   Who knew?  Magic happiness makers.  And unassuming ones at that.

I have my own simple things.  A good book and a comfy couch on a rainy night.  A blazing orange sunset against a purple sky.  Nothing but green lights on the way home after a long day.  Cake batter right out of the bowl.  My husband’s laugh.

And a great song that makes you smile.

Gracie's Rocks

My Daughter's Rock Collection, Two Day's Worth Of Treasure Hunting

I listened to “Daydream Believer” again last night.  I will always love it.  Not just for its uplifting sound, but for what it says.   We should all believe in day dreams.   I know I do.  They make life more than tolerable.  They make it happy.

This morning my husband greeted me with a kiss and smile.  And while I felt a little tired and achy, not getting the best night’s sleep,  his simple but loving gesture reminded me to cheer up and be happy.

I will heed the message.

Just call me his Sleepy Jean.


Rest in peace, Davy:


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