Niblet The RabbitI wouldn’t be able to tell the story of how I adopted Niblet without telling the story of my beloved Nico first.

Many years ago I went to a pet store to do some shopping with my Mom with no intention of adopting an animal. That day the House Rabbit Society was in the store conducting an adoption day and sure enough there he was. I went over to pet him and the bond formed instantly. Within 5 seconds I said “I want him, how do I do this?” Strangely (and not so strangely) I became so possessive. Anyone who showed the least bit of interest in him became my enemy. Several times I felt the need to declare, “I’m adopting him.”

We shared 7 wonderful years together. He was my best friend, soul mate, roommate and baby boy. He woke me up in the morning standing up urging me to get out of bed. Often I would have to “pay the toll” and pet him before walking into the bathroom. Once after being gone for a week (the longest I’d ever been away from him), he turned his back on me after jumping into his litter box only to scoot his bum out of the box to do his business. Nico made his displeasure known about my absence. The noise I made was a combination of horror and laughter.

As any type of parent knows, losing your baby is devastating. I can honestly say I still mourn him years later. One of my close friends urged me to adopt again and I’m glad I did. I like to think Nico had Niblet in mind for me.

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