Amazing Gracie

animal (an-i-mal) n. a living being capable of feeling

grace  (grās)  n. a virtue coming from God

Pet Grace


Angel, I wish you would slow down.  You are growing too fast.  I want to witness your beautiful, crazy, exuberant silly puppyness forever and ever.

There are lessons to be learned every day.  The first was on Day One.  Miracles both great and small happen all around us, and by virtue of them we are blessed.  You were a frightened and abandoned little baby when Daddy found you.  He picked you up, never looked back and brought you home to us.  Your forever home.

Grace.  Your name could not be more perfect.  And not because of the irony of it all, because you are the clumsiest, messiest, silliest girl ever.   Something so much bigger than ourselves put you in Daddy’s path that day.  What did we do to deserve you?

How could that person abandon you?   When Daddy found you, the people there said that you were there for a long time.  Overnight in the cold with no water, no blanket, no food, and no love.   Some people would say you are only a dog.  Only.  What a disgusting word.  And what is it supposed to mean exactly?  That you don’t matter?  Yes, you are a dog.   And full of more feeling and love than most people will ever know within themselves.

Grace Looking Up

My girl

I learned very quickly to dismiss the stereotypes associated with your breed.  You are the most gentle, accepting, forgiving, loving, and sweetest dog I have ever known, and I have known a lot of doggies, my sweetheart.   Every chance I get, I tell people to not believe everything they read and hear.  Yes, tragedy happens, and I will never discount the pain of those touched by it.  But there is no such thing as an evil dog, only evil people.

Steely grey eyes and soft fur to match, and your big blue nose. The most stunning girl in the world.  Mommy and Daddy don’t call you Pretty Pants for nothing.

You may be Jack’s (big) little sister, but you have also led by example.   Your brother is now less fearful, more playful, and more accepting of love than he ever was before.  He is a happier boy, thanks so much to you.  And he loves his sister so very much.  I feel so much joy watching him as he gives you kisses and rests his head on top of you and falls asleep.

Every day is filled with wonder, play, joy and adventure.  Your enthusiasm for life is contagious.  I swear, Mommy never wants to leave your side, watching you learn and make magic in even the seemingly most insignificant moments.  No moment is insignificant to you.

You hold Mommy’s heart, and she wouldn’t  know how to live without you.

You will always be my “Pants.”

Love you forever,


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