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La Vie Est Belle

“The best place to find God is in a garden.”

~George Bernard Shaw

"Luna"~The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

On the last day of our March getaway to the coast (my husband’s 51st birthday), we spent a sublime three hours exploring the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Places like this are the perfect muse for a beginner photographer like me. The beauty is unparalleled; the depth, color and texture all around so inviting; its peace a medicine for a weary soul, just enough so that spark of creativity bursts with life and any trace of self doubt withers away, freeing one to drink in every ounce of inspiration.

Spring daffodil~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

spiral aloe

flowers~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

flowers~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

flowers~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

green leaves~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Flora aside, these gardens are blessed with the most magical ocean view at the end of its walking trails.

walking path~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

oceanview~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

ocean trail~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

coastal view~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

daffodils~Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

The best thing about this day is that it was one without a plan. We awakened early, greeted the sun and thought it would be fun to simply explore without anything particular in mind.  It was as if fate delivered us to this place.

Time after time, my experiences reveal that the days best lived are the ones defined by when life surprises me, in the company of those I love.

La vie est belle, gorgeous friends.

La vie est belle.

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