Once again, my absence here was much longer than intended; but in between periods of self care I have been busy enjoying the gloriousness of life~like spending time with my hubby, and in the spirit of spring, planting my new flower garden.

My new flowers~boxed and ready to go into the earth.

My new flowers~boxed and ready to go into the earth.

My need to bury my hands in the dirt has been exceptionally strong. In years past this was a job I shied away from, mainly because the unrelenting pain and fatigue to follow would be foremost in my mind, and more often than not it just wasn’t worth it. This year it’s different; my longing for color and beauty in my immediate space has overwhelmed me, and this has been a simple and inexpensive way to achieve it.

orange dahlia


purple perennial

 pink flowers


dew drops on African daisies

burst of springtime orange

raindrops on purple African daisy


pale pink calla lily

This precious project has been worth everything~worth every ragged, broken nail, worth the sweat, and yes, worth the pain and fatigue that is now keeping me in bed. Looking out my windows and gently stepping outside my front door, if only for a moment, is all the reward I need.

I am also moved by how my fuji apple tree is now coming back to life; not so much pride, but instead a comfort. When this tree came into my world it was a mere baby, nothing more than a stick emerging from a large pot on my father’s balcony. In the days following his passing it became mine, so its success is an emotional process for me. I know he looks down at how well it is doing and his soul is soothed and happy.

It is such a gift to stay connected in this way to the man who will always dwell in my heart, and in a way that mattered to him.

I wish you a pleasant and inspiring weekend, friends.

apple blossom

2 Responses to Spring

  • Allyson, your writing is beautiful and calming – a serious topic but no drama; thank you!

    And those pictures are wonderful, life affirming tributes to a woman who is kicking the tar out of some serious illnesses.

    I am so happy to connect with you!! 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Jane, and for your inspiring words. So happy to connect with you also! 🙂

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