My Week Of Living Gently

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On Sunday, my dear friend of 26 years is getting married.

For normal people anticipating something this special, this week might be a busy one. Maybe there would be errands to run, or a salon visit to enjoy. Perhaps there would be a few gym workouts to fit in, or the mall excursion for that outfit, pair of shoes or makeup item to a make you feel especially fab.

Not me.

This week I go carefully. Gently. Healthfully.

This week I rest.

This is the kind of time when my limitations resound in an especially strong way. For example, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to wear flat shoes if I am to survive this blessed occasion. Jeweled, Italian flat shoes, but somehow that isn’t helping me feel any better. Those who know me best will understand why.

It goes way beyond my footwear. It’s about having to sit quietly in a corner, avoiding conversation, when the pain hits me. It’s about sitting out that dance when that perfect song plays, because I feel too weak to stand at that moment. It’s about longing for my bed, just as the party is getting started.

I try to downplay all of this sometimes, but then I’m reminded by the ones I love that I shouldn’t, as evidenced by the brief exchange I had with my husband last night.

Me: “I need to get over myself. A typhoon just devastated the Philippines for heaven’s sake. As if I have real problems.”

Husband: “Excuse me, but illness is a real problem.”

Touché, my love.

All of this concern aside, as long as I rest and find peace this week, I know I will be fine. Even though it will be her day, her moment (as well as her beloved’s), I will be blessed with the love, acceptance, beauty and understanding of friendship.

All of that wins over the grit and pain of illness every single time.

Have a beautiful week.

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