Appreciating Where You Are

Friends, I hope your day is a pleasant one. I’m doing alright. I did hear from my doctor regarding my MRI results. The good news is that there are no tumors or anything else super scary causing my head pain and other issues. I am so grateful for this. However, this leaves lupus as the cause, and there are few options going forward. All I can do is keep moving ahead on this path with a positive and hopeful heart; that is exactly what I intend to do.

I still have more tests, but the end is near, and now that I sense the light at the end of this tunnel I feel compelled to complete projects that I have been putting off for far too long. One of them is going through my Macbook, revisiting my photos and organizing them. I literally have thousands of photos sitting in my laptop that need my attention. But things, even things I care about and that make me happy, had to go to the side for a while. I guess what matters is that I finally feel strong enough to delve into this now. I can’t beat myself up over the months that it took me to get here.

Old Fair Oaks Village Coffee

Yesterday I started this long overdue project. Some of the first photos I came across were from an evening this summer when my husband and I enjoyed a quiet walk around Old Fair Oaks Village, just a few miles from our house. Fair Oaks is a beautiful area outside of Sacramento, and I have called it home since around the age of ten. But over the years I have done what many of us tend to do; I have found myself longing for far away places, not appreciating those special spots that are right here, at least not appreciating them the way I should.

Old Fair Oaks Village

So on this summer evening we decided to do some local exploring. If you ever have a chance to take in Old Fair Oaks Village, it won’t disappoint. The main street is dotted with shops, coffee houses, bistros and an Italian bakery that is to die for. The village is also famous for its beautifully plumed chickens, who roam around the many quiet, winding streets as much as they please.

Fair Oaks chicken

Park anywhere on the streets in this small community and you can walk to the cliffs above the river, through a gorgeous residential neighborhood. An easy stroll on Bridge Street will take you straight to the Fair Oaks Bridge, an old charming truss bridge built in 1901 that crosses the American River.

Old Fair Oaks Bridge

Old Fair Oaks Bridge

After visiting the bridge, my husband and I headed back to the car. After walking about a mile in the heat I was growing tired, but I was feeling happy and inspired. Time with him, in this quaint, lovely place, was the medicine I needed. Before we left I spotted a small building right across the street from our car, that houses a therapeutic painting studio and a psychotherapist’s office. Right outside the door was a giant flower pot filled with all kinds of treasures, painted and carved rocks with inspirational messages.





Sometimes the message we need the most comes when we least expect it, and this moment was no different.

From now on, on those rare days when my energy is good, I want to make the effort to venture out to make memories and capture every little bit of magic I see. Potential memories and magic are everywhere, even close to home.

We just need to open our eyes and give ourselves the gift of them.

Have a beautiful, amazing day everyone.

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