With Purpose

Several weeks ago when I enjoyed a day in the Sierra foothills with my husband, we stopped in the Gold Rush town of Sutter Creek to stretch our legs, enjoy some ice cream and do a bit of exploring. I walked past a metaphysical gift shop and just had to take a photo of its sign hanging outside.

On purpose

At the time I was very much in the throes of illness. I didn’t realize it yet, but my drug therapy was failing miserably and doing me harm. I was feeling everything, even emotions, on a physical level. I felt like I was falling apart. While I was with my husband that day and in a very good place in love, I was in a very dark place in health. As a result, my spirit was kind of hopelessly stuck somewhere in the middle.

But when I looked up and saw this sign, I knew I needed to capture the moment. So I could continue to carry it with me; to see me through the rough patch and on towards glorious, healthier and happier days ahead. To give me the strength to get unstuck. To remind me that in order to nourish my spirit, I will move forward in complete awareness.

In peace.

In gratitude.

In wisdom.

In courage.

With purpose.

It’s funny how the message finds its way to us when we need it the most.

Have a beautiful day everyone.

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