La Vie En Rose

I hope you had a beautiful weekend friends, and this day finds you well, rested and happy.

During my break from this place last month, I spent some time exploring local spots with hopes of getting my happiness and creativity flowing again. One weekend afternoon my hubby suggested we go for a drive in midtown Sacramento, to see what would catch my eye. That’s when we ended up in McKinley Park and its very beautiful rose garden.

McKinley Park, Sacramento

McKinley Park is surrounded by this charming neighborhood, with the kind of old, quaint homes that are reminiscent of a favorite storybook, reminiscent of the neighborhood my grandparents lived in when I was a girl.

I was beyond thrilled when I came upon the expanse of the garden. To a burgeoning photographer like myself, roses (and all flowers really) have it all~depth, vibrant color, and a timeless, universal appeal that make it virtually impossible to take bad photographs.

red rose

McKinley Park Rose


pink rose

peach rose

Our time spent there wasn’t entirely about the thousands of beautiful roses all around. I found some hydrangeas as well.

My favorite.


 Gorgeous color everywhere. Sunshine and infinite blue above. A comforting peace. People, music and conversation, vibrant life, carrying on all around us.

A perfect day.

Being so brand new to photography, I find myself longing for the time when I truly, effortlessly, have a poet’s eye; when I can intrinsically tell a story through what my eyes can see, without speaking a single word.

This experience was exactly what my heart had been longing for, and I think I’m on my way.

Have a glorious week everyone.

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