Welcome July

Friends, I hope your weekend was lovely. My husband and I had planned for some adventure, a getaway to the mountains or the beach, but it wasn’t meant to be. Lupus has me firmly in its grip. Since Friday it has kept me in bed from sixteen to twenty hours each day. The fatigue is deep, and the pain is intense. My limbs are so weak that even dressing and brushing my teeth have proven difficult. So while the rest of the world is carrying on as usual, I have spent my days in the darkness of my bedroom. Sleep is a merciful escape.

This is not the way I want to welcome a new month. I want to embrace the carefree fun of summer. I want a fresh start, a renewed sense of opportunity, a vigor that has me moving forward toward accomplishing goals and everything I dream of. Instead, for today and most likely this week, I need to focus on self care and getting better. I need to turn to that deep soul breathing I have come to know so well, to get me through this. I pray for grace. I pray for patience. Most of all I pray for understanding, so I can maintain my gratitude through this difficult day and the coming days, that will most likely be equally as challenging.


There is light in this darkness.

I’m here.

Things will be better.

I will be better.

Embrace this beautiful holiday week, friends, and have a blessed, gorgeous July.

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