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Life Lately

Friends, I hope you are well and happy on this day.

After a physically and emotionally trying several days, I have decided to take the rest of the month off from this place, possibly longer, I have to see how things play out.

I do promise that I will be back. Until then I wish everyone lots of peace, love and sound health.

Stay blessed.


Today I am taken in by the blue summer sky, and its unfailing message.  There are no limits.

Today I feel joy at the sight of my garden. Its growth and colors a celebration of its progress.


Today I relish the flowers outside my front door, subtle watercolor hues of pink, pale blue and violet. I look at them and can’t help but smile.


Today I love the coffee in my cup and the cherries in my bowl. A lovely blend of warmth and sweetness.


DSC_0138 copy

Today I savor the comfort of my home. It isn’t perfect, and it’s quite lived in.

But it’s mine.

And today I am grateful, for the encouraging, loving words of a friend. Who reminded me that I am on the right path and I can succeed, no matter what challenge comes my way.


Have a beautiful weekend, friends.

Today and every day, take a moment to look around and see something you are grateful for.

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