It Really Is All About The Little Things

I woke up this morning and found this waiting for me next to the coffee maker.


love note

Of course it is always wonderful to find a love note waiting for me just as I’m starting my day. But this gesture has another, less obvious significance. With my chronic pain and common sleepless nights, morning is usually a difficult time for me. Sometimes I can barely walk. My arms and hands don’t work very well. It isn’t always easy for me to stretch and reach up on a high shelf for a coffee cup, when that jolt of caffeine is what I need the most.

My husband knows I have had a rough go of things lately. So this is what he does. But not just on some days. Every day. And it is usually my favorite Cookie mug waiting for me on the counter because he wants me, in spite of how I feel, to start my day with a smile.

Moments like this remind me that it really is all about those seemingly small gestures that amount to so much more, the little things that keep love going. In my Valentine’s card earlier this year, my husband wrote how he wishes he can give me the world, how he wants things to be different, and how feelings of inadequacy often leave him feeling sad.  I tell him all the time that he should never feel that way, because he has the biggest, most loving and considerate heart.

And in my book, that beats the crap out of vast riches and material things any day.

Friends, I hope you are having a beautiful week, rich in love and filled with joy.

Until next week . . .

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