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Have A Gorgeous Weekend

Friends, it has been a wonderful week.

Our rare late June rain is all over, and has acquiesced to the expected and relentless heat; but what a gift it was to see the cloudy skies overhead and soft raindrops fall, if only for two days. I can sense that my garden and trees needed the healing respite.

Nature and her wisdom truly are miracles to behold.

Fuji Apples

So far, turning 40 feels right, and good, too. Thanks to everyone for all the amazing birthday wishes, I was overwhelmed by the sincere outpouring of love and friendship.

And thank you Mom, for everything.

hydrangea leaf

I now look forward to a gorgeous weekend filled with love and maybe a little bit of adventure.

I wish everyone the same.

Until next week . . .

Have A Beautiful Week

Happy Monday, lovely friends. I hope your weekend has left you joyful and refreshed.

Linus coffee mug

Our weather is unseasonably cool and gray here in Northern California. I relished in the kind of morning I typically have in the late fall or winter, when the house has that cozy feeling; I have a cup of perfect, hot deliciousness in my hands, and the pups cuddle with me on the couch as we watch raindrops fall through the window. I cherish this so much, this simplicity, that can’t be bought or manufactured; these moments that can only come from immense love, and an appreciation and awareness of what matters most.


The sanctuary of home.

Contemplation of how that perfect blend of choice and coincidence delivers us to exactly where we are meant to be.

This is a special week for me. Tomorrow I officially leave another decade behind me and say hello to 40. I have many thoughts and emotions about it, all good. For now I will just say that I look forward to a birthday that will be all about those very same things; love, life and togetherness. Experiences and all the opportunities that lie ahead.

I am so blessed.

Have a beautiful week.


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