So Blessed

Calla Lillies

My weekend was filled with that special kind of lovely.

Time with my amazing mom. The company of the most amazing man a woman could ask for. The love of two crazy pups, who “told” Grandma that Mommy really needed flowers for Mother’s Day, and Grandma delivered.

In our family there is no distinction between the kids who come on four legs and the ones who come on two.

Calla lilies. Elegant trumpets of purple, pink and ivory perfection now grace my kitchen table.

Yellow orchids tilt joyfully toward the sun, their new home next to my family room window.

And outside, the greatest gift I could ask for. My father’s little apple tree, now ours, its tiny trunk just shy of four feet tall, delicate branches reaching for the sky with all their might, bearing fruit for the very first time. I have counted five little apples in all, scattered about, but there is one special twosome. Joined in harmony, robust and thriving. My heart sings and swells with this progress.


As a woman living with compromised health, I spend a lot of time at home. For that reason and for many others, I want to walk into every room, turn every corner, step outside into my backyard sanctuary and always see a reason to smile.

Beautiful flowers and a happy little fruit tree make for a beautiful start. The flowers representing so many things, like simple beauty, and my father’s thriving little apple tree representing so much more. It means, to me, that his happiness and passion have found a way to live on, nearly three years after he left us.

There is no greater gift he can give me.

It is simply without question. Despite loss, despite illness, despite every pain and challenge, mine is a life filled with infinite love and blessings.

May you always find the good and light in your life, and feel the same.

Have an amazing week.

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