A Better Day

I refuse to sugar coat it friends.

I haven’t been in a good place. I have wanted to give up, disappear, simply forget who I am.

I feel in my heart that my soul is meant for something different; like it is meant for so much more than me being sick. I accept my illness as part of my journey, but lately it has completely defined it.

Completely defined me.

And I just can’t figure out how to break away from that.

I want things to look up. If I can’t be well, I can at least take the small but integral step toward choosing happiness. And maybe, just maybe, that small step will help me break free.

This morning I sat outside in my backyard and closed my eyes. It continues to amaze me how healing the simplest things can be. Like sunshine. And birds. Flowers. Colors. Warmth.



backyard pool

Make it a beautiful day everyone.

Let’s always remember to slow down and notice the simple and unassuming.

With love always to you and yours.


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