No Greater Love

Easter Sky

The news came on Thursday.

A furry baby I follow on Facebook, sick with cancer, would be going to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday.

Saturday came.

His time came.

And I cried.

I cried because he is gone from this physical life. I cried because his Mommy and Daddy hurt so badly; and words, no matter how loving or wise, simply can’t comfort them now. I cried because I know that pain. Holding a living being lovingly in your arms as you feel their soul slip away; to a better place, but away from you. Emptiness. Time standing agonizingly still. Emotion so overwhelming that it feels like it will kill you, and you really don’t care if it does.

Easter morning I looked up at the sky, a sky that was supposed to be gray, wet and ominous. Instead I saw the sun; loving and bright, surrounded by pillows of white and bathed in a sea of deep blue that literally went on forever. Nature’s beauty speaking without words.

Love rushed in and sat strongly upon my heart.

Sleeping Grace

I knew. I knew how I was meant to spend this day.

I found my precious girl sleeping soundly on the couch. I sat quietly next to her, and in her sleepy daze she moved so we would touch, and then halfway into my lap for some cuddles. Her eyes fluttered open and closed and open again as I held her. Her brother, my furry son, was in one of his moods, and didn’t join us. Instead he chose the solitude of his doggie bed on the floor.

The house was quiet, aside from the occasional grind and crash emanating from the garage, the kind of sounds one hears when a man is left to his own devices. I smiled, knowing my husband was out there doing what he loves, and I was inside, holding our sleepy, perfect girl, her body moving so sweetly with each contented breath.

I leaned down to rest my cheek upon her head, and I took in her smell, that sweet spot between her ears where soft gray fur meets white. We held hands. And cuddled. And cuddled some more. I told her I loved her again and again and again.

I just couldn’t take my eyes off her.

holding hands

This perfect girl, once abandoned at a local park on a chilly early May morning.

This perfect girl, once hungry, frightened and unloved.

This perfect girl, with so much love to give; waiting to find her way to us.

And she did, when her Daddy found her and brought her home.

Now she’s ours.


My Grace.

And I am so ridiculously grateful.

My mind went back to the sweet boy who left this earth just one day before, and how his parents are hurting. How they can’t hold him or smell him or kiss him. How no amount of time or reason or faith can change what is.

But they can always love him.

And he will always love them.

Love never stops.

Love can overcome, even this painful separation.

And love will reunite them in a place that is so beautiful words fail to describe it.

Heaven now has a new angel.

With that thought sitting upon my heart, tears of grief evolved into tears of joy.

The Day God Made Dogs

Zander, your Mommy and Daddy love you, and we all love you. Please look out for us, sweetheart. Your Mommy and Daddy will be with you again someday. You will find them at Rainbow Bridge, and then you will be with them forever. Until then, be strong, have fun, and say hello to my Molly. She’ll keep you company and play with you.  Always know that you were a gift to this world. You made it a better place. And now heaven is even brighter because of you.

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