Keeping The Faith

Yesterday afternoon, with a hot cup in hand and cozy socks on my feet, I found a quiet spot in my house and enjoyed the simple pleasure of watching an unexpected, cold spring rain through my window. I found an explicit joy in it, bearing witness to winter’s final dance. But minutes later, with a simple click of my TV remote control, those pleasantries quickly evaporated as I watched the tragedy in Boston unfold.

 There they were. Thousands of people gathered together for a purpose; in the name of tradition and sport, family and human excellence. In a flash, pain and death. Suffering so deep that words cannot capture it.


For those who come here regularly, you know I have spoken of my faith, and how I don’t identify with any one particular sect or religion. It isn’t due to any level of skepticism.  It comes from my belief in omnipresent truth. Truth is everywhere. Where there is love, it thrives.  Where there is peace, it grows.  And where there is hope, it wins. Be it in nature, church, my home, or right in my very own heart.

But madness and hatred continue to trample upon our lives and barrel into our collective consciousness. Why do some choose to be an instrument of darkness? Why must evil exist at all? Why must life be a constant test?

Why, oh why, do things like this have to happen?

Why must faith be challenged this way?

In times like this, I lean on these words:

sky1 copy

As above, so below.

On earth as it is in heaven.

The longer I live the more I realize what our greatest purpose is.

We are here to love ourselves and each other, and have faith in all that is good when we are challenged the most.

Today and always I pray for the peace and strength of everyone affected by yesterday’s events.

Boston, you are loved.

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