Have A Blessed And Beautiful Weekend

I started the month wanting to know and feel appreciation for all that is good in my life. And I am so happy to say, after a tough February, that March has been all about gratitude and love and the things that matter. It has been effortless really. I think celebrating my husband’s 50th and having such beautiful and meaningful time with him was the medicine my soul has needed.

It’s interesting. I just feel more alive. Everything is amplified. My mom has these beautiful California poppies growing randomly in front of her house. I am just mesmerized by their vivid hue. And I am particularly fond of the fact that they just found a home in her front yard, all on their own. My photo taking skills aren’t the best, but I just had to share them:

California Poppy

California Poppies

While billions of people the world over may not celebrate the specific significance of this Easter weekend, I think all of us can appreciate the message of hope, love and renewal.

And with that said, I wish you a weekend, and April, filled with those very things.

May all of our days be blessed and beautiful.


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