A Very Beautiful and Amazing Adventure

Limantour Beach, Point Reyes CA

My husband and I escaped to Point Reyes National Seashore last weekend to celebrate his 50th birthday.  I can’t tell you how special it was to get away and have that time with him.

As a couple for nearly eight years and married for nearly six, of course we have had our “moments” at times; but I can sense that our recent challenges with my health have actually brought us closer.  As uncertain and scary as everything is, I just know everything is going to be alright as long as this man is at my side.  I’m sure it sounds a little silly and mushy.  But it’s true.

Our first stop on the coast was Limantour Beach. That’s my man on the right.

We stayed at a charming hotel in a tiny town called Olema.  I thought the grounds were just beautiful.

Point Reyes Lodge

I loved these Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack Chairs

And these heavenly daffodils.  Daffodils make me smile.


More Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack chairs

I also loved this archway.


And this gorgeous camellia.


I mentioned months ago that I really want to get better at taking photos.  My husband was so encouraging and patient as I walked the hotel grounds, looking for things to inspire me.  That is just one thing of many that I love about him, he knows what’s important to me and he is always cheering me on, wanting me to achieve and do what makes me happy.

But the trip really wasn’t about where we stayed.  It was about this glorious piece of the California coast and all its splendor.

This is Drake’s Beach facing north.

Drake's Beach Point Reyes

And south.

Drake's Beach Point Reyes

I spied this crab shell.

crab shell

And these.

Point Reyes shell

Point Reyes shell

And this quite fascinating journey of a tiny hermit crab.

Journey of a hermit crab

This is North and South Beach high above, several miles from Drake’s Beach, taken from the lighthouse path.

North and South Beach, Point Reyes

And here is the Pacific, meeting the rocky shore.

Point Reyes

Of the hundred or so photos I took, this one just might be my favorite.  It’s the last one I captured right as we decided to head home.  With all its historic, centuries-old ranches, dairies and gourmet shops, Point Reyes is a mecca of sorts for cheese lovers.  I’m one of them.  I saw this friend on the side of the road and just had to get an image of her.

Happy CA cow

Witnessing all of these miracles reminded me of so many things.   It reminded me that I am ridiculously rich in love.  It reminded me that nature is simply awesome. That this world is a beautifully amazing place.  That all of this is a gift.

And it also reminded me of why I love to write, and share my experiences here.

I thank all of you for being a part of it.

May we always remember to open our eyes to the beauty that is all around.

Have an awesome weekend.

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