A Gift

Limantour beach

I haven’t been one thousand percent forthcoming here about how difficult this year has been.  It’s hard to be open when the words won’t come.  I can say that I have come very close to giving up. This, on life, everything.

Because everything has felt so pointless.

But I have been wrong.

So very wrong.

Because sometimes, in our seemingly darkest moments, everything clicks. Questions are answered, and doubts lessened.

Bliss is found in the beautiful and unexpected.

As I shared in my last post, my husband and I celebrated his birthday on the coast here in Northern California.  Day One was spent on the beach.  A ridiculously simple, delicious dinner was enjoyed hours later and steps away from our hotel. That night, as my husband slept soundly, I slipped outside and onto our second story balcony. I welcomed the chilly coastal air against my skin, the peculiar quiet, and the nighttime fog partially obscuring the serenity of a half moon.  Shoes in hand, I turned them upside down to see a bit of sand fall out, my forehead flushed pink from the sun just hours earlier.

Both magical souvenirs of a day well lived.

And then I realized it.

Drake's Beach

Life is about moments like these. It is about letting go, of everything that has been holding me back.  It is about doing what will create happiness within me. It is about being true to myself, and trusting the universe or God or whatever I choose to call it to get it right.  It is about embracing my path, bumps in the road and all.  Inspiration, success and health will inevitably follow.

So from now on, I choose differently.  I’m saying no to the emotions that hurt, like fear and anger.  I choose to say yes to the emotions that never fail to open my eyes to the love and wonder and beauty that is all around.  To the fact that this life is the most amazing gift there is.

May you always choose to do the same.

Have a beautiful, blessed week everyone.

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