What I Want This Month: Trust

Last week my dear grandmother sent me a nice, thick envelope filled with treasures: a lovely handwritten note, an inspirational booklet, uplifting articles clipped from magazines, and two bookmarks.

She loves bookmarks.

On one of them I found this very beautiful quote by Deepak Chopra:

“The same power that spins the planets around the sun resides within every human being, and it is abundantly within you.”

Abundantly within you.

I read the words again, desperately wanting to take them to heart.  My grandmother doesn’t know it, but this message would prove to be very timely, and healing.

I started last month with the highest of hopes, and foolishly set goals for myself that would prove unattainable.  I fall into this mindset that I must carry on a frenetic, inflexible pace if I’m going to get anywhere in this life.  When I set such lofty goals I tend to forget that I’m not well.  Bad days will always happen.  I set myself up and the inevitable disappointment sets in.

I just can’t do this anymore.


This month, and from now on actually, I want to trust myself to remember that change sometimes hurts, the journey takes time, and the results we want don’t always reveal themselves overnight.  Inspiration will only come if my mind is calm.  I need to return to that place of kindness for myself.

I need to be gentle.

May the fabled tortoise be my role model.

I need to take it slow.  Go easy.

If I can find that trust within myself, that trust to do it right and believe in the power of surrender, I simply can’t lose.

I can, I will, succeed.

This morning I held that bookmark in my hand, reading the wisdom again.

Abundantly within me.


I wish you a beautiful month filled with everything you dream of.

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