Sharing My Story


Friends, I am always honored and humbled when invited to share my story.

This week, and for the second time overall, my work is featured on the very wonderful and informative website Autoimmune Mom. I am so happy to discuss my journey and to be a part of this very profound message.

This post details the nuances and challenges of relationships in times of compromised health.  It’s never easy, but it can be better. Strengthening the bonds with those who love us and are loved by us can go a long way in softening the fear and pain.  Communication must flow freely, and constructively, from both sides. We must be willing to educate ourselves and our loved ones. We must learn to let go of the people who fail to understand us in our difficult times, and who don’t celebrate our victories, both grand and small.

And above all, we must always know it always comes back to love.

It is love that sees us through.

Pulling the curtain back on my life can sometimes feel a little scary, but the rewards make it all worth it.

Honesty truly is medicine.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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