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You just can’t say “I love you.” 

You have to live “I love you.”

~Ben Harper

Friends, I have missed this place.

I am still trying to get answers.   I have spent a lot of time waiting on others, doctors specifically, to tell me what happens next.  The communication is slow to come.

So I wait.

Patience has never really been my thing.

I want to move forward, mindfully and healthfully.  Above all, I want to move forward with love and gratitude upon my heart.  I am happy for this day and its significance; a respite from all of the ridiculous, complicated fears that have taken up space in my mind for way too long.

Not today.

And no more.

This morning I looked into my husband’s eyes as he leaned down to give me a kiss.  I cuddled with my pups; two darling, furry heads sharing space in my lap, safe and content.  It simply amazes me, how I got here.  There are many things that make a family.  Blood.  Vows.   Legal words stated on paper.  But it is love that truly joins us.   It is love that leads us.  Reveals us.   So we may navigate this world as one.

And we choose to love every time.

Despite fear, and illness, and the heavy weight of uncertainty.

Love always wins.

I wish all of you a beautiful, blessed day with family, friends and anyone else in this gorgeous world that holds a piece of your heart.

And above all, love yourself on this day, and always.


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