Aiming For Truth

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In his characteristic genius, author, speaker and marketing guru Seth Godin once said, “don’t bother wasting any time on it if you’re merely going for catchy.  Aim for true instead.”

Catchy just isn’t working for me, friends.  I’m not feeling it.  It’s exhausting.  And actually I’m starting to resent it.  So in keeping with that wisdom, I need to give up on any attempts to be just that.

Instead I want to voice my truth, even if it isn’t pretty.

Here it goes:

Truth:  The results I want so badly are slow to materialize.  It doesn’t feel good.

Truth:  My health has tanked, and now everything, and I mean everything, feels like a big deal.  Even the good things.  This morning one of my pups looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and I burst into tears.  And no, they weren’t tears of joy.  They should have been.  And that makes me sad.  Sometimes, in those really dark moments, it feels like my heart is literally breaking under the weight of all this.

Truth:  I had to face some tough, draining and unexpected decisions in the past few weeks, both personal and professional; and they took up precious energy I simply didn’t have to spare.


But there is another truth.  No matter how bad it gets, no matter how much life hurts, I am always stronger than I give myself credit for.  After going through fear, doubt and even some depression over the past twenty-five or so days,  today I feel that I may be emerging from it all, and in one piece at that.

I always do.  Funny how it works out that way.

And there is one more truth, and it is this.  No matter what comes my way, no matter how lost I feel, there is a point to all of this.

I am here to breathe, to love, to learn and experience.

And by virtue of that unmistakable fact, I am blessed beyond measure.

Even if I can’t always be catchy.

Have a beautiful week, everyone.




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