An Opportunity

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On Friday I had the tremendous honor of sharing my story as a woman living with lupus on the website Autoimmune Mom.

I embarked on my life as an author and blogger nearly one year ago.  Over most of last year I spent a lot of my time and energy reaching out to health sites and fellow bloggers with requests to guest post, or contribute in other ways.   Most of my inquiries went ignored.   I wasn’t expecting everyone I contacted to fall all over me, but I guess I did expect the courtesy of a simple reply.  

Maybe someday they will see something in me.

I have many motivations for putting myself out there.  Expanding my online presence is always wonderful.  But my primary motivation is to always grow as a writer, and continue with the catharsis that writing gives me.  I sincerely thank Autoimmune Mom for their confidence in me, their message, and their steadfast belief in the power of real stories.

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people in this way.

The world suddenly doesn’t feel as lonely.

In writing about my illness, I have learned that being open about the things that challenge me is the most healing thing I can do.   It has led me to the heart of who I am, and despite everything, I can say with complete sincerity that I like what I have discovered.

I’ve got so much to offer.

And so do you.

Never be afraid to voice your truth.

Have a blessed week.

To read my story on the very amazing Autoimmune Mom, visit: is a wonderful resource for those of us living with autoimmune disease, and for the loved ones of those who suffer.

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