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I will be disappearing for a few days, friends.  I long to escape a bit, unplug literally and figuratively, from the rituals of daily life.  I want to savor a delicious weekend with a pretty delicious guy, who just happens to be my husband.

Sunday is our fifth wedding anniversary.

I have been thinking a lot about love, more so than usual.  I know I talk about it here a lot, maybe even to the point where it drives some of you a bit crazy.  But I rely on it, to help me overlook all that is less than ideal in my life, and  to make sense of a challenging world that often feels confusing and unkind.

A Giza Serenade
Louis Armstrong & his wife, 1961

Despite all our strength, knowledge and power to change, and the ability to right so many wrongs in society, it often seems that nothing can be done about the greatest tragedy of all: human apathy.  It is why I want to seize the love in my life with both hands and never let it go; I want to take it with me everywhere.  Five years ago, on a bright, perfect December afternoon, in one of the most beautiful seaside towns on earth, I was blessed beyond measure when I was legally and spiritually joined with this man.   It was the culmination of a miracle in my eyes, and to this day it feels just as magical.

I wish it for everyone.

And Us:
Carmel-By-The-Sea, California
December 9th, 2007

An anniversary message to my husband:

Love, I know things didn’t quite turn out the way be both envisioned them, but we’ve got each other.  In knowing and loving you I have learned something about life, something really cool and unexpected.   Here it is:  we spend so much time in our younger years dreaming big dreams, without even realizing much bigger ones are waiting in the wings, yearning to come true.  They always find a way.  You came true.  Being with you and loved by you is like coming home.  It is exactly where I am meant to be. 

Honey, despite all our challenges, I would go through them a million times over if it means you will be by my side.  I’m really, really, glad you are here.

I love you.


Wishing everyone a safe, peaceful weekend filled with love and every other wonderful thing imaginable.

Until next week . . .

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