In My Thoughts and Prayers

As I started my morning, going about my daily life without a care in the world, I was stunned to hear the news of the carnage that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  At a time when we should all be looking forward to Christmas, cherishing family and friends and making memories, there are families who will now be planning funerals.  Funerals for people who just hours ago were going about their day.  People who were full of life.  Some of them adults with so much to live for.  And some of them innocent children with so much time and joy ahead of them.

The unthinkable is intruding into our lives and our society more and more.  It angers me.  It leaves me feeling helpless, and hopeless.  Maybe someday we will have the answers as to why tragedy happens, why people make the decision to commit evil, and why that evil even has to exist in the first place.

I pray for peace, love and strength for all of those impacted by this senselessness.  Hug and kiss your children.  Tell everyone who matters to you that you love them more than words can say.

And be grateful for this day, and the breath and life that is in you.

2 Responses to In My Thoughts and Prayers

  • Hello, thank you for your post, please allow me to share some words of comfort for us all!

    I too feel the enormous pain and heartache for each of the precious souls lost that could only be expressed as unspeakable grief dread and anguish beyond our greatest fears due to the senseless lost of life by those who became the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy.

    While it is true unfortunately at some time in our lives we all are visited by reviving pain unconceivable sadness and sorrow beyond words when appalling tragedy strikes breaking the hearts of an entire nation even the world.

    Fortunately we are also made to be resilient and so in time are able to recover from vast perils of destruction and personal lost. It also helps I believe to focus on the good that always results when awful sudden acts like Sandy Hook occur. The good of drawing closer together as a human species remembering that our differences are actually much less than we often view them, acknowledging that our need for each other is constant and never to be counted lightly for without our loved ones friends, neighbors even extended communities we are all a mere fraction of a whole rather than the whole we become when we share the pain, feel the sorrow, mourn the losses and humbly try to find ways to bring a measure of hope and comfort to us all, who too, become victims when our fellow human beings fall prey to such destruction and violence.

    May God help and strengthen us all to endure collectively that which we must, as a human species.

    • Thank you, Barbara, for your beautiful words and wisdom at a time when our sorrow remains immeasurable. May we all continue to have faith in the inherent good in all of us, and may we all love each other. Bless you.

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