The Day After

Today I won’t be neck deep in a crowd at the mall.

I won’t be mowing down three dozen people to get my hands on a $300 TV.

I don’t have to hunt down the must-have toy of the season.

Black Friday just isn’t my thing.

Today is about achieving balance and enjoyment.   A light walk to work off yesterday’s feast.   Painting my nails a festive red so I feel pretty.  Watching a favorite Christmas movie that will leave me feeling warm and lighthearted.  Reading a book.  Pulling our tree out of storage, and placing our lighted garland on the mantle.  The lights make my crystal mirror above the fireplace shine so brightly.

Shopping can and will wait.

For my husband the best part of today is the leftovers.  After a huge slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast (and spraying half a can of whipped cream straight into his mouth), there is nothing better than a big thick slice of leftover turkey, with pepper and mayo on sourdough.  Simple and delicious.

Do what you want today.  If the Black Friday craziness is your tradition, I wish you all the joy and excitement in the world.  After all, this day only comes once each year.  Make it what you want it to be.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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