How I Felt This Month

“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived.  And when it was time to leave, gracefully knew life was a gift.”


Not to sound indelicate, but after my Target shopping trip from hell last week, and my husband choosing to not follow the “rules”, I really wanted to give the Tuesday before Thanksgiving the proverbial middle finger.  I know.  Not nice.  I ended up forgetting all about gratitude for a full day.  Everything got blown out of proportion.  Sometimes I excel at making little things so much bigger than they really are, and not in a good way.

Anyway, perspective prevailed in the end.  It always does.

And as far as gratitude is concerned, I think 29 days out of 30 is pretty darn good.

Putting my energies into being grateful for all that is good in my life has certainly helped in getting me back to where I need to be.  I am not quite feeling 1000% passionate about writing and working on my second book, but I have made some progress.   This may sound odd, but I truly believe I am feeling tentative for a reason.  Waiting has given me the time and space I have needed to nail down my exact message.   It keeps evolving.  Do I narrow my focus and write about overcoming my health challenges?  Or do I broaden my focus and write about overcoming my life challenges?  This pause, this time to figure it out, will serve me well.  I feel like I am waiting for new experiences to guide me, to discover that elusive piece of the puzzle.

Aside from that, I also accept that family and Christmas preparation will have my attention.  It will take away from my writing time, and that’s okay.  If the bulk of my efforts have to wait until January, it’s all good.  I won’t get this time back again.  If I make it all about family and festivities and love, I can’t lose.

Now it is time to ask myself what I need, and want, next month, and what effort will be needed on my part.   I’m almost sure of what it is.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and goals with you over the weekend.  For now I am happy about the all of the celebration ahead.

Have a bright, wonderful December everyone.

And have a great weekend.

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