Have A Wonderful Weekend

True to my pledge at the start of this month, I am working on being grateful for everything that is good in my life.   Everything is beginning to feel just like it should.

There is a tremendous amount of love in my world.  My home is the warm, safe haven I need it to be, and that feeling is only getting stronger as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  After a minor setback earlier this week, my will has been strong.  I have been able to stay on track with proper nutrition, exercise and rest.  My energy is a bit better, and it is allowing me to do everything I need to do to make next week special.  I feel truly inspired for the first time in a long time.

I get the sense that everything is coming back to me now, and I am on the right path again.  I don’t think there is anything coincidental about it.   When you make that promise to yourself, that you will focus on positive emotions and what is good, even in the face of so many things that are challenging you, and you choose to believe completely that you are deserving of all that is wonderful in life, amazing things have a way of happening.

Next week we start the holiday season in earnest.  I suspect my posts will become more infrequent, at least until the new year, as I find myself in the midst of planning and celebrating.   I really don’t know for sure.  I will take each day as it comes.  That lighter attitude has been serving me well.   I may find that I have many things to say, or I may need to spend my time on other things that give me joy.  I expect to end up somewhere in the middle.  For now I will go into this weekend preparing my home for Thanksgiving, searching through my recipes and deciding what exactly will end up on my table to make the day extra special.

Make it an amazing weekend, friends.  May you find gratitude for all that is good in life.

Until next week . . .



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