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I haven’t written about my kids in a while.

As a writer I always have to go with my flow and what I feel at any given time; show me the work of any writer who forces any topic upon themselves, and I will show you work that lacks that necessary heart and sincerity.

I have felt just awful about my lack of inspiration when it comes to my pups, because I love them more than anything in this world, and there isn’t a day that goes by when they don’t teach me something and remind me of what matters.  I’m getting back to it today, and I guess that is most important.

As I was going through my photo collection the other day, I realized I have way more photos of Grace Dog than I do of our Jack.  My heart sank a bit.  How could that be, when we have had our little man nearly two years longer?  My husband and I talked about it.  There is an explanation.  Gracie is a curious girl.  Put a camera in front of her and she gets excited and adventurous.   She is also quite the poser and very photogenic.

Jack Dog is a different story.  He’s skittish and camera shy, never sitting still long enough to allow me to photograph him.  He tends to divert his eyes when in front of the camera, I guess not really knowing what to make of it when Mommy pleads with him to look up and sit still.  It feels like my efforts are always in vain with this little guy.

But sometimes I get lucky, and always when it is least expected.  The other day my baby came right up to me, and stood still like a good boy when I happened to have my camera ready.  Who would have thought?

He really is my little buddy.  Grace loves my husband and I equally, but I do sense deep down that she is her Daddy’s girl.   He found her and brought her home.  The circumstances of her joining our family created an unbreakable bond between the two of them.  Our Jack on the other hand, well, he has always gravitated toward Mommy.  That one I can’t really explain.  Not that it requires it.  Love is love, and we have it in abundance.  There are no rules.

Something I am so thankful for, every second of every day.

I love you, Jack Angel.   My little stinker.  My sweet pea.

And you, too, Gracie Pants.

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