A Word On Kindness

I am at a loss for words, friends.

I always want to end the week by writing something wonderful, to go into the weekend knowing I left something here that is honest and inspiring.  But it’s just not coming.

I guess this post is long on honesty but painfully short on inspiration.

Both my brain and body are pretty much exhausted, so I have decided to give myself a little break and hope for brighter days next week.   Maybe on Monday I can get back to the business of being me.

So to end the week, I wanted to share some beautiful wisdom, words that I certainly could not have come up with myself.  I hope everyone takes it to heart.  Let’s remember that it doesn’t end with kindness expressed toward others.  We need to remember to extend that same kindness to ourselves.

I choose to treat myself gently over the next few days, and I hope to come back more centered, rested and enlightened next week.

I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

Photo Source:http://bippityboppityboo.tumblr.com/

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