Changing Course

My thoughts have been all over the place.

I have been thinking about my path and how to get where I want to be.

After publishing my first book in August, I realized what I really want to do, and what I need to do, with my time.  Managing a household mostly on my own is a full-time job.  This really isn’t news to anyone.  But managing my illness is an added responsibility, essentially a part-time job, with appointments and procedures and everything else it demands.  Balancing all of it with two current book writing projects is proving to be a juggling act I did not expect.

This blog is so integral to what I do, all that I am trying to build, and ultimately who I am.  It is deserving of my nurturing and love.  I enjoy it, and it does so much for my health and emotions; more than words can ever say.  It is inextricably tied to my future success as an author.  It will always be a priority, for all of these reasons.  But I have to face reality.

I want to be an author with a blog, and not necessarily a blogger with a book.

When life, family, health and aspirations demand my energy and I have very little left, I will be posting less here.  Of course there will be times when I am riding high and feeling great.  There will be times when I am experiencing amazing things and emotions and I will want to share them.   There will be times when thoughts and words come so easily.   In those moments you may be hearing from me more often.  I just need to take each day, each week as it comes, and do so with the best intentions.

To me, part of being completely in love with your life is knowing when to listen to your heart; to feel it and follow when it begins to pull you in a different direction.  In my case, in this moment, the direction is just a slight detour, a reshifting of my responsibilities, if you will.

There really is no other choice but to heed the message.

Everyone have a beautiful weekend.

Until next week . . .

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