Fall Decorating Ideas From Coastal Living

I subscribe to Coastal Living magazine.  It’s completely ridiculous.  Seriously.  Given that, at best, I live a two hours’ drive away from the Pacific.

You might say I’m a dreamer.

I’m probably a full decade away from owning any sort of coastal property, let alone decorating said coastal property.   And if I am to be so blessed someday, whatever I will be able to afford probably won’t amount to much.

Reality doesn’t stop me from pouring over each issue of Coastal Living on the day it arrives.  I fall in love with all the sea inspired interior designs and color palettes, decorating ideas both grand and small.  My October issue arrived with the usual fanfare; I tore away the plastic covering, prepared a cup of tea and studied the goodies inside.  The cover hinted at what I had waiting for me; these amazing carved pumpkin designs, their theme appropriately inspired by the sea.

How cool are they?

I’m fantasizing about a delicious October evening far into the future; my beautifully carved pumpkins displayed on my wooden dock, or on my private little patch of sand, to greet and impress my guests, or to just make me happy.  No company required.

I start every October with the best intentions.  I want to come up with wonderful ideas both elegant and whimsical, but the most I can manage is winding purple and orange lights around my tree trunks in the front yard, and my old school pumpkin on the porch carved with it’s triangle eyes, nose and toothy grin.

At least I try.

That’s what matters.

I think these designs are just so beautiful and amazing.  I’m going to tuck them away in my ever-growing file of special ideas for the future.  Who knows?  I just may have a seaside escape to decorate lovingly someday.

For more tips and to download these awesome pumpkin carving templates, visit:


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