A Perfect Afternoon

Donut Doll
By Mel Ramos

I haven’t had much quality, alone time with my husband lately.   I wish I can say the usual demands of life are responsible, but it just isn’t true.  It has everything to do with how I feel.  It was a really rough September.  October is shaping up to be more of the same.

On Friday we made a commitment: we would spend Sunday together, doing something fun, something that would get us out of the house and focused on each other, something that would distract both of us from my constant state of pain.  We were originally going to spend the day at the beach, but late Saturday I had a change of heart.  It just wasn’t going to work.  I feel like I am growing weaker by the day.  I was afraid of all the driving time, all of the walking around with the sun beating down on me.   I so badly wanted to experience the peace and simultaneous power of the ocean waves, and the magnificence of nature all around.   But I also knew, with my poor energy, we would be two hours into our day and all I would long for was the softness and comfort of our bed.

No ocean waves, soft sand and sunshine for us.  Lupus sure does have a way of ruining everything.

Browned Bare
By Mel Ramos

I fought tears as we discussed our change of plans; but then my husband came up with a quite cool, and quite different alternative.  Why not check out an art exhibit here in town?  Close to home.  Time together.  Something really different than anything we normally do.  It wouldn’t take long.  If I started to feel sick all we had to do was leave and I could be home and comfortable in under twenty five minutes.  Sounded good to me.

Art really isn’t our thing.  Sure, I have an immense appreciation for it, and I have checked out dozens of different exhibits in my time, and notable ones at that.  But for my husband and I collectively, it isn’t something we seek out.  When he suggested it I figured out real quick why it piqued his interest.  This particular artist, a local gentleman by the name of Mel Ramos, is known for the prevalence of nudes in his body of work.  My husband is a typical guy.  To him there is nothing more beautiful than the female body.  I have an affinity for it as well.  Delicious curves.  Soft in all the right places.  Inner workings so amazing that they can create life.  Just a few reasons why I love being a woman myself.

Monterey Jackie
By Mel Ramos

We arrived at the Crocker Art Museum in downtown Sacramento around midday.  It was glorious, a perfect 75 degrees.  I felt a peace that I didn’t expect.  The usual bustle of the city was absent;  there were only gentle sounds like the rustling of the trees and the occasional chirp of a bird, families conversing while spending time together.  It was lovely.  Inside, the building was cool and quiet, dignified.  All of it was exactly what I needed.  For just a little while I was able to calm my nerves, escape from all that is wrong with me for a bit, and just enjoy the beautiful works all around.

Galatea #1
Mel Ramos

The Mel Ramos exhibit was amazing.  Some of his works are suggestive (none of which I included here), but I find all of them tasteful.  They’ve got that classic, pin-up-ish vibe to them.  For those of you close to the Sacramento area, the exhibit continues through October 21st.  I am so glad my husband came up with this idea.  Totally unexpected, really cool, and it didn’t take too much out of me.  It turned out to be a perfect afternoon.  Something we really needed.

Thanks, Honey.

For more information on Mel Ramos and his distinct body of figurative work, visit:



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