What I’m Loving Now: Charlotte Olympia

The state of my finances has left much to be desired lately, but I’m still that girl who can spend a lazy day immersed in fashion magazines, hoping for better days ahead; days when I can pick out all the things I love, without a concern in the world, and effortlessly find them all a new home in my closet.

While material things are very much that, things, and really nothing more, I think it is fun and healthy, even necessary to depart from what is practical.  What is over-the-top beautiful, and whimsical, is very much the spice of life.

Clothes are one thing.

Handbags and shoes are something different entirely.  And just the things I turn to when I want to feel feminine and extravagant.

I recently discovered the London-based, retro-style loving shoe designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal.  And my oh my is her stuff lustworthy.  I’m a Cancer, ruled by the moon, and all my life I have been drawn to all things moon themed.  I have crescent moon artwork and jewelry, a crescent handmade paper lamp I bought in an art gallery in Seattle, even a sterling silver baby rattle from Tiffany & Co. (and I have never had a baby).  When I found Charlotte Olympia’s Over The Moon Fall 2012 collection, you can imagine my reaction.  It was practically an existential experience.  This woman is a shoe designer after my own heart.

In a perfect world this design would be gracing my feet, appropriately dubbed My Lucky Stars.  But alas, they run $975.  Ms. Dellal’s creativity and chosen materials don’t come cheap, and they shouldn’t.

The genius certainly doesn’t end with her Over The Moon Collection.  My second choice would probably be these beauties, appropriately named Matryoshka, inspired by the Russian doll.  They can be had for $1,600.


Maybe someday.

(sigh . . .)

For more information (and to check out her beyond amazing designs) visit:


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