Never Forget

Eleven years ago today, our country was faced with an unspeakable tragedy.

As we watched it all unfold, we knew the world would never be the same.

Citizens the world over mourned with us.  I had a friend who had a vacation planned.  She was supposed to fly to Ireland the day after, but was delayed due to our airspace being closed.  She left as soon as she could.  When she got there, the Irish government had set aside three days of prayer and reflection.  She was so touched by how the country stood with us.

A week before 9/11, I made an appointment to donate blood.  It wasn’t for anyone I knew.  It was just something I wanted to do.   I chose 9/11, 2PM.  On that afternoon, numb from everything I had seen unfold on my television, I drove to the blood bank, just a mile down the road from my home.  I was met with an amazing sight.  Thousands of people were there, wanting to help; wanting to do anything they could to aid our fellow citizens in New York City.   I went inside.  Everytime a donor’s name was called, everyone stood up to clap and cheer.  The blood bank that day was just one little corner of our world, yet moments just like that one were happening all over our country~a display of caring and unity, even love.

I don’t know why tragedy has to happen.  I suppose we will all have the answers someday.  Until then we will try to make sense of our world the best we can.  I just know on that day eleven years ago, I witnessed firsthand how people reacted, and by a small measure it comforted me on that very painful day.

It reminded me that there is good in us, and it can come out when we need it most, in our darkest hour.

On this day, may we remember to cherish those we love and all we have.

And let us never forget.

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