In Praise Of The Little Things

The days are still warm in my little corner of Northern California, but the signs of fall are all here.  The dark hours come earlier. The morning air has that signature bite to it.  Warm colors are beginning to adorn my trees and a big bowl of sweet Fuji apples graces my kitchen countertop.

I don’t know what it is about the upcoming season, but it makes me feel so in love with my home and family and all that is going well in my life.

I need this.  Desperately.

Sometimes I look at the state of the world and how human beings choose to treat other human beings and I just want to give up.   It makes me want to crawl into my little Cancerian shell and shut everything out.  Or  the opposite happens.  The warrior in me wants to fight the good fight.

Sometimes I feel like two different people.

I’m grateful for the times when I can set those emotions, the two facets of me, aside.

This morning had that crispness to it.  I cuddled up on the couch, in the softness of my sweatshirt, my coffee in hand and the pups at my feet.  Today I have all day to do what I wish.  I can make cookies.  Or write.  Or just love on my furry kids all day and be so happy knowing there is much good and devotion and comfort in my world.

I looked down at Jack and Grace again.  They looked up at me; tails wagging, chewy toys clutched between front paws, so content.

What a nice scene.

I like nice scenes.

And simple  moments.

They may be simple, but there is nothing simple or insignificant about the happiness and feelings they give me.

Today life is grand.

So ridiculously awesome.

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