A Much Needed Dose Of Cute

As good and happy as I have felt lately

I still get down when I see or hear a sad story, or watch the news, which never seems to be positive anymore.

It’s enough to drive me crazy.

But animals capture my heart every time.

Happy animal stories and photos make my heart sing and remind me there is still good in the world.

So when I want, or need, my daily dose of happy and cute, I don’t need to look any further than my own family.

My two pups, Grace and Jack.

God, look at that mug.  How’s that for cute?

Jack is a little more camera shy, but still cute nonetheless.

Okay, maybe I’m biased.  After all I am their mother.

In the spirit of objectivity, how about a baby beluga whale?

 Personality plus!

Sea turtles?

A sweet little piglet who just got a bath?

How about this baby?

And finally, how’s this for cute?

Quite possibly, baby sloths give the best hugs in the world.

I’m happy now.  Today’s going to be a great day.

How can it not be after seeing these photos, and knowing such beautiful creatures exist in this world?

For some of the sweetest animal photos the web has to offer, visit:


You just might O.D. on too much cuteness.

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