Welcome To My World

I am seeing things.

Things that just aren’t there.

Before departing for the gym yesterday I checked my bag two dozen times to make sure I had everything.  I’m low maintenance.  The checklist really isn’t complicated.  Everything fits nicely into a little compact bag, and most would be impressed with this minimalist feat.

But even with so little to keep track of, I still can’t keep it straight.

Fast forward one hour and there I was.  After my workout and fresh from the shower, in all my naked glory, rummaging through my bag, and my damn bra was nowhere to be found.  As if this little mishap wasn’t bad enough, the top I packed was a tight, flimsy little see-through burn out tee.  With a really deep v-neck.


Ladies, do you feel my pain?

I could have sworn I saw it in my bag.  But sadly, this is my brain on what I call my lupus-fibro fog.  And this cognitive disaster is a force so powerful it could reduce a Mensa member into a hopelessly forgetful, bumbling idiot.

Welcome to my world.

My girls aren’t super huge, but being fully rounded B-cups they are just enough to cause a problem at times like this.   It was what it was.  Bralessness would be the name of the game.

The trek from the women’s locker room to the parking lot is a long one. The path goes right through a big weight room, always full of the same guys trying to out do each other, no matter what time of day it is.  10 in the morning on a Tuesday, and the place was completely packed.  And all I can think of is does anyone work a normal job anymore?

Never mind that I don’t.  Completely beside the point.

I made my way through the weight room, looking like Farrah Fawcett from the neck down in her iconic 70’s poster (bless her soul).  I got a few appreciative looks from the male regulars.  The women hanging out in there gave me a few glances that could best be translated to who the hell does she think she is?

Hey people, give me a seriously needed break.  It could be worse.

I can beat myself up over being stupid and letting my foggy brain get the best of me.  Or I can have a good laugh over it.

I choose laughter.

The world can use some more anyway.

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