Too Funny

I pulled this off of George Takei’s Facebook page.  He posted it in honor of the Curiosity Rover’s successful landing on the surface of Mars last night.  This is a humorous twist on the very first image the rover sent back to Earth.  Too funny!

I actually took a break from watching the Olympics last night, went online and watched the live streaming coverage of the NASA crew as they awaited confirmation of the landing.  All of that hard work over ten years, and it culminated in one dramatic moment.  Really cool.  I wish I was smart like that, and knew all about space and science and building amazing things that advance human knowledge.  I guess I’m smart in a different way.  At least I like to think that.

Within minutes of the landing, the rover signaled two photos back to earth of the Martian surface.  I can’t even get my mind around that.  How this thing, the size of a car, loaded with computers, cameras and other stuff, can endure a fiery landing onto the surface of another planet, and in just a matter of moments send photos from millions of miles away.  I love this kind of story.

The very first photo from Curiosity, telling all us humans here on Earth that everything is A-okay:

Curiosity is ready to get to work and find all kinds of interesting stuff on Mars.

I am grateful for the people who still think space exploration is important, and who continue to work hard on this very worthy cause.   They inspire me.

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