Think Pink

Husband now has a new nickname for our Gracie Girl.

With her pink collar, pink toys and her affinity for all things pink, I happen to think it is quite fitting.

Here it goes:

Pinky Tuscadero!

It’s perfect.

Our girl is tough, feminine, popular with the boys, and she can be quite the badass when she wants to be.

If she could she would star in a demolition derby, perform her own motorcycle stunts,

and look fabulous doing it.

All Gracie needs is her own version of The Pinkettes.

How about you, friends?

Do you have any cool nicknames for your dog, or dogs?

And when you were growing up, did you think Pinky was just the coolest thing ever?

I did. 

I wanted to tie my shirt like that, bare my midriff and wear short shorts.

And bust up a few cars like a tough girl.

But you can’t really pull it off when you’re under the age of 10.

It definitely took a few years before I could fill out that ensemble.

Maybe I’ll be Pinky for Halloween this year.

Husband will be Arthur Fonzarelli.

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