Just Beautiful

I know I’m not the best example when it comes to having a healthy body image.

Sometimes when I talk about it, when I come up with all these empowering thoughts and say how we should feel about ourselves, I feel foolish.

I mean all of it, every word, because it’s exactly what I feel at the time.

But the conflict comes when I have to apply what is real and true to my own life.

I know what is right and good and how I am supposed to feel.  But sometimes what is right and good just isn’t strong enough.   It can’t overcome the destructive thoughts that paralyze me when I stare back at my reflection, or think back to a childhood memory, when someone tore me apart for wearing glasses or being overweight or whatever.

Sometimes I’m okay.  I feel beautiful and amazing and unstoppable.   And sometimes I’m not okay.  I’m the ugliest thing in the world.  Small boobs and small eyes.  Fat legs, fat arms, fat ankles, fat stomach,  fat ass.  Fat everything.  Thin hair.  Old skin.  Sometimes I hurry to grab a towel when I’m getting out of the shower, afraid my husband’s eyes will linger, seeing too much for way too long.  I rush frantically to cover up, denying him the chance to see all the imperfection.

He tells me I am perfect, that he just can’t see what I see.  But I don’t need his validation.

I need mine.

On a recent bad day I came across this photo.  It stopped me in my tracks.

This woman is gorgeous.

Her courage, for lack of a better word, inspires me.

She has a beautiful face.

Far more important, she has a beautiful spirit.

When I saw her, she had the power to quiet my angry mind and emotions, to center them and deliver them to where they belonged, a place of acceptance and love.

I am grateful for moments like this, when I find images and things and people who force me to stop and think, and compel me to end the madness; to stop beating myself up over things that just don’t matter.

Here’s the truth, negative thoughts and feelings be damned.

Women are beautiful.

Every size and shape is beautiful.

You are beautiful.

I am beautiful.

Love everything you have.  And everything you are.

For more information on the world famous makeup and body paint artist Joanne Gair visit: http://www.joannegair.com/

Joanne has painted some of the most famous people on the planet.  And she painted the beautiful lady above.

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