A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day.

I spent a fabulous afternoon with my mom.  We shared a delicious lunch, and afterwards we went shopping and she spoiled me rotten.  That’s the thing about my mom, she is at her happiest when she is making everyone else happy.

The woman seriously needs to do more for herself, but she doesn’t listen.

When we got in the car she lovingly said, “today is your day.”  When I say I have had more than my fair share of days that were all about me, it is a complete understatement.  I have had more “all about me”  days than I deserve.  But I have been having a rough time lately.  I haven’t felt all that great, I have doubts about my future, and it hasn’t helped that I have had stupid little fights with my husband, and neither one of us seems to have the maturity right now to work past all the unnecessary tension.  I think that’s why she wanted so badly to make me happy.  But truthfully, my mom would have given me this day regardless.  I could have been on top of the world and still she would have spoiled me.

When I was growing up I quickly learned that other moms weren’t like mine.  Sure, they loved their children; sometimes it was obvious and sometimes it wasn’t, but what mattered is that they loved, even if it was quirky and in their own way.  What set my mom apart was her blatant selflessness, energy and generosity.  Everyone should have a mom like mine.  This world would be a much more beautiful, peaceful place if everyone had what I have.

After lunch we ended up at Anthropologie.  I love the place because their clothing line has a lot of character, and it’s affordable.   After an hour of browsing and trying on two dozen tops, I walked out with eleven.  Here’s three of them:

Lovely on-trend pink lace, perfect with jeans or dressed up with black pants.  This one also comes in navy, super cute and feminine.  The peplum style is really flattering.

More casual, but perfect with jeans or black pants as well.

For this one, this is actually the back of the top, it drapes beautifully and just looks so cool.  It is a v-neck in the front.  I first thought the print was too busy, but I was proven wrong when I tried it on and loved what I saw in the mirror.

Now that I have beautiful, new things to wear, my husband needs to get his act straight and take me out more often.   Or  I go out with the girls.  Or I do both.  Either way he needs to get his act straight.

For the record, I would have been over the moon if my time with Mom involved no shopping.  All I need is her company and a nice seat somewhere so we can watch the world go by, together.   I look forward to the day when success will enable me to do wonderful things for her in return.

I can’t wait for that day.

Thanks for a perfect day, Mom.  I am so lucky to have you.  You never fail to make me feel loved.  And you always seem to do just that, when I need it most.

Love you.

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