Waiting Game

Later this morning I am off to the lab for another round of blood work.  My last doctor’s visit on Monday included the usual complaints: fatigue, severe low blood pressure, pain throughout my body, headaches, digestive issues, even (and this is going to sound weird) painful skin.   When I saw her this week, she told me my previous panel revealed severe nutritional deficiences.   Apparently there’s a fancy pants test that can show how long vitamins and minerals are sticking around in the body.  In my case, they’re not sticking around long at all.  Something is preventing these healthy little buggers from absorbing properly in my digestive tract.  And whatever the cause, it is making me more tired, more achy, and yes, even more cranky.   Not very becoming.

So today’s lab visit will include the dreaded Celiac test.

To make a very long, complicated story short, I’m going to find out if I am allergic to wheat.

With all the things that are wrong with me, yes I have had this test done before.  My doctor now suspects I received false negative results in the past, due to what I had eaten in the days prior to testing, or perhaps even lab report errors.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed out.  I love all things wheaty.  And if the news comes back with the result I am expecting, I am in for a radical change in the way I approach food.  What does that mean?  I will have to be much more conscious.  Not my strong suit.  I will have to be better at planning meals.  Also not my strong suit.  It also means if I want better health (and I really, really do) I will have to foresake my beloved cake, cookies, and crusty artisan bread slathered in butter; not to mention scrumptious sandwiches on that aforementioned crusty bread.

 I have mixed feelings.  Part of me wants it to be the answer.  Then I know why I feel so crappy all the time, and I have an opportunity to be better.   The other part of me desperately wants it to be something else, so I can say Aha!  It isn’t my penchant for bread, cake and cookies, so there!  Somehow, I just don’t think it’s going to go down like that.

So I will drive over to my neighborhood lab this morning with a heavy heart.  But interestingly enough, I also feel thankful for the opportunity to know, and to feel better.

I get to see my doc next Thursday for the big reveal.  I’ll keep you updated!

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