Ode To Summer

Every summer I grow another year older, and more appreciative of everything that life is about.

And I have it to thank for my happiest moments and memories.

This summer I want to master the art of idleness.  It is getting easier to do, as I grow wiser.  Certain things just seem less important than they used to be.  

I am going to sit by the pool and read magazines all day.

The coconut scent of Hawaiian Tropic will be my signature fragrance.

It’s going to be all about bikini tops and bright pedicures.

Beach umbrellas and feeling the sand against my skin.

Salt water in my hair.

The warmth of the sun and watching my garden grow.

Romance and the magic of longer days.

And festive, endless nights

with loved ones.

Time for relaxation and putting work and worry aside.

Friends, I hope summer inspires you to do the same, or whatever makes you happy.

Have a blessed weekend.

Photo Source (umbrella): http://mysummertwist.tumblr.com/

Photo Source (couple & lighted trees): http://weheartit.com/

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