How My Garden Grows

My thumbs are far from green.  I wish my house was full of lovely plants.   They have a way of breathing beauty, health and life into a home.   But our reputation as plant “parents” is a questionable one.

We have managed to keep our jade plants alive.  They are thriving.  Honestly, though,  succulents are pretty sturdy.  It’s almost impossible to kill them.  We can’t take any sort of credit.

This spring, Husband and I decided it was time; it would be our foray into outdoor fruit and veggie gardening.  We took baby steps, not wanting anything horribly high maintenance.  We settled on tomatoes large and small, bell peppers, basil, cucumber and green beans.  So far everything is happy and growing beautifully.  The first cherry tomatoes picked made their way into a delicious caprese salad.  Yum!

So it’s going well.  So well that I feel confident in trying new things next year.  Squash, onions, kale and perhaps eggplant.  I’m not particularly fond of eggplant, unless it is served up in a dish smothered in parmesan cheese, but it sure does look pretty in a garden.  My father loved growing things.  It made him so happy.  And that’s saying something, because happiness for him was so hard to come by.  I think that’s why I wanted to do this.  In a way it brings me closer to him and what he loved.

Our beefsteak tomatoes are getting there:

Our cherry tomatoes are already ripe, delicious and delightful:

These baby peppers will grow up to be yellow:

And this one red:

My basil is looking lovely:

And I can’t wait to taste my cucumbers:

I also think it’s fascinating how green beans grow:


It has been fun upping my plant and gardening cred.  Everything will taste even more delicious knowing it came from my own backyard, that I had a hand in it.  Such a simple pleasure, really.

How about you, friends?  Do you enjoy your own backyard garden?

And what goodies are you growing this year?

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