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The official start of summer may be a few weeks away, but in my heart it is already here. 

Summer is completely different from the way it used to be.  I remember the comfort and joy of my youth, when the season was all about fun and no responsibility.  Sleeping in, swim parties, a beach vacation and warm, endless nights.  There was nothing else on my mind. 

And then adulthood crept up on me.  And gradually responsibility and obligations became part of it.  And while it isn’t the same as it used to be, it’s still fun.  It will forever have that special, relaxed, escapist feel to it. 

And I will never take it for granted.

Every summer it seems I learn a little something about myself, something that wasn’t there before.  It can be adventure in my spirit.  A courage I am feeling for the first time.  Or a talent, passion or love I never knew I had.

I look forward to relaxing and letting go. 

And embracing all these new facets of me.

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