What I’m Loving Now: Trina Turk for Banana Republic

I haven’t really been myself lately, friends. My longtime love of fashion hasn’t felt like a priority. A small part of it is the issue with my pocketbook. I feel compelled to put every spare dime into feeling better and stronger. Acupuncture, whole and organic foods, massage and other alternative things that help me feel good sometimes don’t come cheap. It doesn’t leave much for the $300 flowy maxi dress or the $200 breezy tunic I have my eye on.

There is something else happening with me, too. I’ve been run down lately and I have little energy for most of the things I love. My fashion magazines have piled up in the corner. The fashion websites I used to browse religiously have gone unnoticed. Well, it’s getting old. I also lost sight of one very important thing. Part of feeling well and loving life is partaking in the things you most enjoy, and liking the way you look. I want to get back to the beautiful fashion that makes my life bright and colorful.

I start now.

I got excited when I read up on the new Trina Turk summer collection for Banana Republic. This 60 piece affordable ($34.50-$150) collaboration launches June 7th. True to her bold, California sun and fun style, Ms. Turk has used vibrant patterns from her archives to create this line (a long time Palm Springs, California resident, her home and surroundings often serve as her inspiration).  What I love about it is how she effortlessly blends a certain flirty early sixties, Mad Men polish with a modern yet very relaxed style (as depicted in the photo above). I have been a fan of hers for a long time, and for this very reason. The collection includes shorts, dresses, bathing suits, hats, bags, towels, skirts, pants and sunglasses. Definitely a little something for everyone to add to their summer fashion repertoire.

I love the emphasis on dresses. While dresses always seem to have a place every spring and summer, I fear the bold prints and long breezy styles will not be around next year, hence my desire to snatch up a few of these styles while I can.

If I had my way, I would spend my entire summer looking fabulous in a big floppy hat, sunglasses and a lightweight, colorful caftan with an equally colorful bikini underneath by day. By night,  a mile long, feminine maxi dress in a vibrant, indelible pattern would suit my fancy.


turk image

Given the hype, style and price point, this collection certainly won’t last.  Get it while you can, and happy shopping, friends!

The collection is available today 05/30, one week before its official launch with Banana Republic, at Gilt.  For more information, visit:


For more information on the collection’s launch with Banana Republic, visit:


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